Sunday, February 6, 2011

And like that, poof. He's gone.

My brother and nephew left this morning... well technically we parted ways last night at 4:30am after an impromptu bar crawl. Joe's buddy Isaac offered to take them in and drop them off in the morning. Sleep seemed like a bad idea when we'd have to wake up in 2 hrs to drive to BWI airport so I handed them off to him. And so it turned into an all nighter for the O'Grady boys. Hope they made it out ok. ;)

It was great having my brother and nephew in town but I think I aged 20 years. I hate to say it, but Joe is the canary in the coal mine for me. I got to get off the smokes for good, lose some weight, and get in shape or I'm gonna be moaning and coughing and struggling to get myself out of a recliner in seven years. Note to Jane: Get that man to a doctor! :p

The moral of this ramble is that we just couldn't party like we used to. Aging is a bitch!

My brother Tim and sister-in-law Ellen are going to stop by in the morning on the way to Florida and Sarah's friend Sarah Shultz comes in from Wisconsin next week. Busy busy busy.

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