Thursday, June 23, 2011

Has It Been 6 Months Already?

Lucy is now 6 months old. You know that thing people tell you about how they grow up so fast? It is true! She has two teeth (which she uses regularly on our fingers). She rolls easily from her front to her back. Too easily, actually - how the heck will she get any tummy time if she starts rolling over before you even put her down on her tummy? And we all knew that she would be strong willed, given that she is an O'Grady, but come on! She does NOT want to nap, she does NOT want you to put the peas away yet, she does NOT want to be changed right now, and she does NOT want to be on her tummy (see above). Yet when she is doing something she likes, which is most of the time, Lucy Rose is a ray of sunshine, a flirt, and a fantastic audience. Her giggle is like a drug and we keep doing whatever got a laugh long after she's bored with it just trying for one more hit.

We want the best for her and there are so many things to consider. Public school or private? Vegetarian or carnivore? Sister or only child? TV? Sweets? Oh well, we will figure it out. Our sweet little monster has a way of keeping you in the present with her, enjoying life.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Babies... If it's not food it's water. Sheesh!

Lucy had her first "solids" today - rice cereal in milk.  The remnants on her bib could have fed a small village. It was pretty fun feeding her.  Video of the event is below.