Saturday, February 4, 2012

I haven't gotten lazy... Lucy got interactive.

I know that I have not been posting to the blog much but I wanted to assure you that it is not laziness.  Lucy has just been so much fun that I don't really think about the camera anymore.  She's got a ton of games she likes to play, she's crawling (finally), talking a lot, and honing a comedy routine where she puts various items on her head and laughs hysterically.

So much personality in such a tiny little person.  That's the real revelation over the past months.  She's a person now.  And while staring at her adoringly while she slept or ate was fun... it's just amazing watching her personality develop.  She's clever, funny, caring, bossy, curious... I could go on and on.

Got to run.  Lucy went to whole foods with Mom and they should be back soon. I added some videos too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Adios Nana (we miss you already)

Nana has come and gone in a flash.  She managed to navigate the DC metro due to my fine drunken tutelage.  She also really bonded with Lucy as she took over child sitting duties to give my Mom a break (I'm sure spent at the slots).  ;)

My nieces Susan and Karen came over last weekend as well.  Susan is back from work in Africa where she is working hard to do good and secure passage to heaven for the "borderline" O'Grady's (I'm looking at you Joe!). 

It was her first meeting of Lucy so were now hopeful that Lucy has been exposed and is now immune to African Swine Flu.   :)

Lucky for us, Lucy remembered Karen and we could all eat a nice brunch in peace while Karen shoveled cottage cheese into an excited Lucy's mouth.  Good Mommy practice Karen! 

As you can see, Lucy is in her Redskin home uniform and it has yet to fail the Skins.  Ah.. the joys of NEVER seeing the Skins lose.   Lucy is still 2-0 in her Redskin supporting lifetime.  I'm pretty sure she's mature enough now to handle a loss unless it comes against the Cowboys.  Romo makes her want to throw bricks.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 Months

A few days late on Lucy's 8 month pic.  In my defense, we had an earthquake and a hurricane.  I also fell down the stairs today.  A pretty bad fall.  Foot slid out and down I went.  Right on my back and then slid a few more steps.  I cleared 12 stairs in total.

 Now for the hard thing to talk about...  <NOTE: EVERYTHING IS FINE, ALL ARE OK>

I was holding Lucy.  She fell on top of me..slid down a few stairs on top of me... and I lost her near the bottom of stairs.  She took a good tumble and it scared the living shit out of me.  The wind was knocked out of me as I tried to call for Sarah who was in the shower.  Scary moments.  She was a little shook up but no damage.  I'm sure I'll be having horrific flashbacks of the event for years. 

So... anyone who had Sarah as the parent that was going to drop her first...  you lose.   And why would you bet on such things you sick twist!? :)

We also got Lucy a high chair.  No more defying the explicit rules of the Bumbo chair (i.e. do not place on elevated surfaces).  If only I knew I was going to drop her I would have given it to her as a make up present.  Looks like I'm still on the hook for a pony.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We went to New York this weekend for Jack O'Grady's first birthday. Because his Mom, Sarah, is a consummate hostess, the party was a themed affair: a Mustache Bash. Most of the men in attendance had grown a mustache, John brought his of course, there were mustache lollipops and cookies, and of course fake mustaches for those who were unable to grow one in time. Like Lucy:
It was fantastic!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seven Months

Seven month inventory:
  • Two teeth
  • Thin coat of fuzzy blonde hair
  • Chipmunk like chortle
  • Solid foods
  • Solid poops
  • Stranger anxiety
  • Raspberries
  • Naps in the crib
  • Chubby cheeks!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Has It Been 6 Months Already?

Lucy is now 6 months old. You know that thing people tell you about how they grow up so fast? It is true! She has two teeth (which she uses regularly on our fingers). She rolls easily from her front to her back. Too easily, actually - how the heck will she get any tummy time if she starts rolling over before you even put her down on her tummy? And we all knew that she would be strong willed, given that she is an O'Grady, but come on! She does NOT want to nap, she does NOT want you to put the peas away yet, she does NOT want to be changed right now, and she does NOT want to be on her tummy (see above). Yet when she is doing something she likes, which is most of the time, Lucy Rose is a ray of sunshine, a flirt, and a fantastic audience. Her giggle is like a drug and we keep doing whatever got a laugh long after she's bored with it just trying for one more hit.

We want the best for her and there are so many things to consider. Public school or private? Vegetarian or carnivore? Sister or only child? TV? Sweets? Oh well, we will figure it out. Our sweet little monster has a way of keeping you in the present with her, enjoying life.