Monday, February 7, 2011

Lucy is still amped about the Packers

It must be Grandpa's influence or the complete lack of a winning franchise in Washington, but Lucy is still very amped about the Packers Super Bowl win.  Took us some hours to get her to sleep and then we lost her for awhile... wonder where she went.

My brother Tim and sister-in-law Ellen stopped by this morning on the way to Florida for a visit.  I never thought there'd be a chance that my sister Mary could actually be the last O'Grady (Fridman) to make it down to see her niece.  /end guilt trip/ ;) 

I worked from home today so Jenny also came over to help Sarah with Lucy.  She decided to bring out her inner rocker.  

And now I have to get back to work to make up the time I spent goofing around.  Till next time. 

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