Monday, February 21, 2011

You know they're serious cause they aren't wearing their cheesehead hats

I'm a little overdue for a blog post.  Lucy has been keeping us busy with equal amounts of total consciousness and unexplainable fussiness.  She can spend hours just looking at Mom and me, smiling and staring inquisitively and then spend hours in a cranky funk.  Coincidently, I seem to get a mystery illness during the fussy times and hide in the bedroom.  ;)

Lucy has also been quite troubled by the Wisconsin protests.  It's tearing her Nana and Grandpa apart!  On one hand, she thinks that Gov. Walker created this shortfall by cutting taxes.  She also sees the pension shortfalls as being part of the economic downturn and doesn't see why the unions should pay for wall street's lack of regulation and reckless greed.  She also doesn't understand why Gov. Walker won't accept the financial concessions of the unions and insists on killing the unions.  Of the five states without collective bargaining for teachers, the SAT rankings are: South Carolina -50th, North Carolina -49th, Georgia -48th, Texas -47th, and Virginia -44th.  This makes no sense to this two month old.   

But on the other hand...  hmmm... she's got nothing.  Granted Lucy doesn't watch much Fox news in this house.

I'm sure Grandpa will straighten her out in March when he makes his next visit.  ;)

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