Friday, December 31, 2010

Out of the house

I took advantage of having my mother-in-law in town and went into work for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday. It was my friend Kamran's birthday and a bunch of us headed to Lucky Strike for some bowling and drinks. It was good to see my work crew and I only annoyed them with baby stories and photos for an hour or so. :-) Posted some more pics to the gallery (see the link on right) ==>

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sarah is Afraid of the Jinx

Lucy slept through the night last evening thanks to some playtime with Nana. Sarah does not want to acknowledge it for fear of ruining our lucky streak.  I'm a risk taker so "what the cuss".  *Note: We've been trying to curb our sailor mouths by replacing our curse words with "cuss" ala Fantastic Mr. Fox. (e.g. This cussing diaper is quite the clustercuss.)

Then again, I may have already jinxed myself.  Lucy has learned to always keep a second torpedo in reserve when I change her.  And just when I think I got the problem licked with a new changing system she introduces a pee or a puke (or both) to the mix and fires all weapon systems.  That crazy little cuss. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

I AM the paterfamilias!

In response to Sarah: Lucy certainly does seem to conjure up the perfect storm of bodily functions when I change her, but I guess that's a small price to pay to be the Pater Familias!  I'm bonafide!

We took her to the doc today.  She's up 2oz to 6lbs 5oz.  All is well health wise.  As I write this she's asleep in a baby bjorn around my chest.  Mom is also taking a nap.  To the OIG work crew... thanks for the pink snowsuit.  We're gonna get our money's worth out of it.  ;)

Non-Parents Please Avert Your Eyes. This is a Post About Poop.

So, an excerpt from last night in the O'Grady house:
(fade in after feeding is complete)
Sarah: I think she needs to be changed. You want to do it?
John: I'm all comfortable in bed. You do it.
Sarah: So, helpful Johnny is gone on day 4? OK I've got it. Some paterfamilias you are!
John: Oh, I'll do it.
(John takes Lucy to the nursery to change her.)
(Sarah joins him)
John: I had her all cleaned up and she pooped all over everything. I don't think I can handle this. I wasn't supposed to be here today!
(We work together to clean everything up and move back to the bedroom)
John: I can't believe she hasn't done that to you! You are the second responder! I'm on the front line, taking out the Germans, elbowing through the mud and gore and you come in to clean up when it is over. I'm Jimmy Darmody and you're Nucky Thompson on your throne. Don't you ever tell me I'm not the paterfamilias!
Sarah: Do you realize you just mixed metaphors from common culture, tv, and movies in that little rant?
(Both dissolve into laughter. End scene.)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nana's in town from Wisconsin

After some harrowing moments at BWI airport, I secured the precious cargo they call "Nana".  Lucy has already started milking her for toys and candy (for when she gets teeth).  

And a big thanks to the Baker's who sent along Lucy's first Christmas tree ornament.  *We called her peanut before she became Lucy* 

And another big thanks to the Khaliq family for getting us a very special outfit that Lucy will be wearing tomorrow (tune in then for pics).  Kamran actually braved the crowds at the mall before stopping by.  He's definitely the guy I'd call if I ever need to be bailed out of jail or needed a kidney.  I'll also be posting Kam's guide to swaddling later on. Rock on Kam!

As always... more new pics in the gallery.  Some good ones of Lucy's room.  

Home, sweet, home

We left the hospital early and came home last night around 8pm. A serious benefit of no epidural is that Sarah is pretty close to 100% already (Sarah may say different). Lucy is pretty feisty and an absolute joy. I imagined a total lump that slept, ate, and pooped and while she has those covered… she also coos, observes, and seemingly tries to communicate a wide array of emotions. Sarah and I are loving every minute so far. Here are a few more pics (and more in the gallery). I hope to get a video up soon, but who knows.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Picture Gallery

Lucy's here!

Moved pics to the gallery...

And so it ends...

Well... things happened pretty quickly. We were told that first time moms NEVER have labors shorter than 4-8 hours and that 99% of the time it takes 12-24 hours. "Stay at home as long as you can" was the mantra. We hereby call bullshit!

Here's our story...

9:45AM: We came back from a scheduled doctor's appointment and Sarah was having some mild erratic contractions. - Nothing bad at all said Sarah.

10AM: We sat upstairs and started to do some work. Sarah works from home, and it was conveniently my telework day. The contractions were starting to make Sarah get out of her chair and coming very fast. I called her sister and started timing them.

10:15AM: Sarah’s sister Jenny arrives and the contractions are 3 mins apart and lasting 1 min. They are taking Sarah to her knees. We decide if it they continue for an hour, we’ll call our doctor.

11:00AM: Contractions are 2:30 apart and lasting up to 90 secs. I call the doctor and he tells us to bring her back to the office. Sarah is not a happy camper in the car.

11:10AM: We get Sarah to the doctor’s office, they take a glance at her as I tell the doctor how far the contractions are apart. He tells us to head to Holy Cross triage.

11:20AM: Sarah is screaming in the waiting room while I sign some forms. Jenny rubs her back and does her best to ease Sarah’s increasing panic.

11:21AM: I think Sarah was scaring the other patients because we get moved to triage pretty quickly. Jenny can’t come with and Sarah and I are doing our best to figure this out with very little build up. The nurses were great and give me some immediate tips to help her work through it. I’ve never seen such pain in anyone’s eyes and without the nurses, I would have lost it. We ask for the epidural while a nurse checks Sarah out.

11:33 AM: Out of triage and in the delivery room. The doctor is 20 mins away and we both cling to hope of the epidural. The nurses try to get an IV and take Sarah’s blood but she is screaming and wailing. After a few attempts in between contractions, they get it in and try to tape it up. Sarah is sweating so much that the tape won’t stick and I’m hoping the anesthesiologist makes it. Hell, I’m hoping the doctor makes it, this kid is coming.

11:45 AM: I learn there will not be an epidural and decide to keep this information to myself. We’re trying to keep Sarah from pushing as the baby is ready but we’ve got no doctor. Jenny has my iphone/camera and I ask the nurses to go get her.

11:55 AM: Sarah is in agony and the doctor finally makes it. He lets us know were ready to go and relays some instructions on pushing, the process etc. Jenny and I have a good setup going. Jenny takes below the equator, I work on getting Sarah through.

12:20 PM: Time to start pushing. Sarah has found a second wind and we get a good rhythm going. That girl’s got HEART.

12:25 PM: We can see the head. Every round of pushing and she comes closer to entering the world. Sarah is doing great. I can’t believe this is happening. Surreal.

12:48 PM: Lucy Rose O’Grady is born with a short “whaah!” She’s amazingly alert and tracking Sarah and me as they put her on Sarah’s chest. Her eyes darting back and forth. Everyone is crying. Simply amazing and I’m sure the closest thing to a miracle I’ll ever witness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So it begins...

Sarah started having contractions at 7:30 this morning.  Conveniently, we had a doctor's appointment at 9am.  We've since been sent home to wait until things are a little further along.

Sarah's new favorite word is "Goddamnit!"  When I hear her shout it five minute intervals, I'll pack the bag.