Sunday, January 2, 2011

We present "Lucy Horned Frog O'Grady"

Badgers lost the Rose bowl in a helluva game. Sarah lost a bet on Lucy's middle name.  She shalt therefore be known as Lucy "Horned Frog" O'Grady.  That's bad mothering!  Ok... Ok... I'm just kidding.  Settle down Badger fans.  :-P

Lucy did watch the game, however, and thought the badgers should have just kept handing the rock to Montee Ball.  She also farted every time TCU's Dalton threw the ball.  She called it the "Angel Fart Jinx".  It didn't work.   Maybe next year. 

It was a big Saturday for Lucy.  She also got her first bath.  I buried the announcement down here in hopes that my friends would miss it.  I sound like an idiot talking her through it and don't need the endless hazing that I'm sure to receive. Pfffftttt.  The video will be in the video gallery in a few minutes (link is in top of the right side navigation - For you older folks... if you left click the link, it will automatically googles you to the youtubes). 

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