Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So long Mini... hello JUKE!

Got a new car tonight.  Traded in the Mini for a new Nissan Juke.  We needed the 4 doors but didn't want to lose the fun.  AWD was big for me too.  So far we're very happy with it (20 miles in).  :D

Lucy moved to her crib on Sunday night and is adjusting well.  She likes to eat every four hours and Sarah is being a real trooper and letting me sleep.  I went back to work this Monday so it's not laziness.  It's business!

She's very alert, aware and curious of everything these days.  We've seen a few fussy moments but nothing to complain about.  Still loving it.  She changes so much every day.  It's scary.  Speaking of scary... she shot a wet poop today that cleared four feet easy.  (probably should have warned you of upcoming poop story... oh well)  Sarah took the hit and had to do a load of laundry to boot.  Did I mention what a trooper she is?  ;)

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