Monday, December 27, 2010

Non-Parents Please Avert Your Eyes. This is a Post About Poop.

So, an excerpt from last night in the O'Grady house:
(fade in after feeding is complete)
Sarah: I think she needs to be changed. You want to do it?
John: I'm all comfortable in bed. You do it.
Sarah: So, helpful Johnny is gone on day 4? OK I've got it. Some paterfamilias you are!
John: Oh, I'll do it.
(John takes Lucy to the nursery to change her.)
(Sarah joins him)
John: I had her all cleaned up and she pooped all over everything. I don't think I can handle this. I wasn't supposed to be here today!
(We work together to clean everything up and move back to the bedroom)
John: I can't believe she hasn't done that to you! You are the second responder! I'm on the front line, taking out the Germans, elbowing through the mud and gore and you come in to clean up when it is over. I'm Jimmy Darmody and you're Nucky Thompson on your throne. Don't you ever tell me I'm not the paterfamilias!
Sarah: Do you realize you just mixed metaphors from common culture, tv, and movies in that little rant?
(Both dissolve into laughter. End scene.)

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  1. This cracked me up...just wait the poops get much better with food when they get older :) Ed and I still yet for help and we are on our 4th, we should be pros but the poop seems to win almost every time!