Friday, December 24, 2010

Nana's in town from Wisconsin

After some harrowing moments at BWI airport, I secured the precious cargo they call "Nana".  Lucy has already started milking her for toys and candy (for when she gets teeth).  

And a big thanks to the Baker's who sent along Lucy's first Christmas tree ornament.  *We called her peanut before she became Lucy* 

And another big thanks to the Khaliq family for getting us a very special outfit that Lucy will be wearing tomorrow (tune in then for pics).  Kamran actually braved the crowds at the mall before stopping by.  He's definitely the guy I'd call if I ever need to be bailed out of jail or needed a kidney.  I'll also be posting Kam's guide to swaddling later on. Rock on Kam!

As always... more new pics in the gallery.  Some good ones of Lucy's room.  

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