Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 Months

A few days late on Lucy's 8 month pic.  In my defense, we had an earthquake and a hurricane.  I also fell down the stairs today.  A pretty bad fall.  Foot slid out and down I went.  Right on my back and then slid a few more steps.  I cleared 12 stairs in total.

 Now for the hard thing to talk about...  <NOTE: EVERYTHING IS FINE, ALL ARE OK>

I was holding Lucy.  She fell on top of me..slid down a few stairs on top of me... and I lost her near the bottom of stairs.  She took a good tumble and it scared the living shit out of me.  The wind was knocked out of me as I tried to call for Sarah who was in the shower.  Scary moments.  She was a little shook up but no damage.  I'm sure I'll be having horrific flashbacks of the event for years. 

So... anyone who had Sarah as the parent that was going to drop her first...  you lose.   And why would you bet on such things you sick twist!? :)

We also got Lucy a high chair.  No more defying the explicit rules of the Bumbo chair (i.e. do not place on elevated surfaces).  If only I knew I was going to drop her I would have given it to her as a make up present.  Looks like I'm still on the hook for a pony.

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