Saturday, February 4, 2012

I haven't gotten lazy... Lucy got interactive.

I know that I have not been posting to the blog much but I wanted to assure you that it is not laziness.  Lucy has just been so much fun that I don't really think about the camera anymore.  She's got a ton of games she likes to play, she's crawling (finally), talking a lot, and honing a comedy routine where she puts various items on her head and laughs hysterically.

So much personality in such a tiny little person.  That's the real revelation over the past months.  She's a person now.  And while staring at her adoringly while she slept or ate was fun... it's just amazing watching her personality develop.  She's clever, funny, caring, bossy, curious... I could go on and on.

Got to run.  Lucy went to whole foods with Mom and they should be back soon. I added some videos too!

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