Friday, September 23, 2011

Adios Nana (we miss you already)

Nana has come and gone in a flash.  She managed to navigate the DC metro due to my fine drunken tutelage.  She also really bonded with Lucy as she took over child sitting duties to give my Mom a break (I'm sure spent at the slots).  ;)

My nieces Susan and Karen came over last weekend as well.  Susan is back from work in Africa where she is working hard to do good and secure passage to heaven for the "borderline" O'Grady's (I'm looking at you Joe!). 

It was her first meeting of Lucy so were now hopeful that Lucy has been exposed and is now immune to African Swine Flu.   :)

Lucky for us, Lucy remembered Karen and we could all eat a nice brunch in peace while Karen shoveled cottage cheese into an excited Lucy's mouth.  Good Mommy practice Karen! 

As you can see, Lucy is in her Redskin home uniform and it has yet to fail the Skins.  Ah.. the joys of NEVER seeing the Skins lose.   Lucy is still 2-0 in her Redskin supporting lifetime.  I'm pretty sure she's mature enough now to handle a loss unless it comes against the Cowboys.  Romo makes her want to throw bricks.

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