Friday, April 1, 2011

Will We Still Need A Car Seat? (Edit: April Fool's for those of you that didn't check the date)

There have been reports recently that radioactive elements have been found in and around Maryland. In hindsight, yesterday may not have been the best day for me to give Lucy her first taste of water straight out of the tap. While she seemed to really enjoy the water - drinking three large glasses in rapid succession - afterwards, she started acting a little different.

Her gurgles and coos sounded more like growls and barks. The onesie she was wearing suddenly seemed tight on her. During one of her playful kicking sessions with Daddy she gave him a real shiner. Then, when she woke up this morning, she seemed significantly bigger.

To my eyes, Lucy grows and changes every day, so I needed to use something objective to determine whether she was having some sort of reaction to that tap water. So I got out her trusty Pooh.

As a reference, here is a picture of her taken with Pooh about a week ago, on her 3-month birthday:

And here she is this morning:

Do you notice a difference?

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